Cary ThielenCary Thielen


I am  enrolled in the Web design program at Seattle Central Community College. My recent classed  are User-Centered Design and Writing for the Web.  I have also taken courses in PHP, JavaScript,  database design,  and WordPress.  I have a BA in Journalism and Anthropology from The Evergreen State College. I worked on several student papers as a photographer, photo editor, and page designer. I won several awards for my photography and photo illustrations. I also  spent 6 months working for a small paper in Olympia Washington called The Voice.

I took woodworking and metal shop in college and learned building maintenance while working for student housing. I have continued in that line of work at Sound Mental Health. Web design is a  craft that like woodworking and  requires a specific set of tools and design principles. It has been a logical choice for me and I always enjoy time spent piecing together the components of a new site so that it is functional, intuitive, and nice to look at.